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My daughter loves playing with her dinosaurs, she spends a lot of time saying "RAWR" to us, and much to the cat's dismay, to the cat, even the neighbour's cat! So, when we saw the Quorn Vegan Roarsomes - dinosaurs nuggets, we had to buy them for her, she already liked the Quorn Vegan Nuggets so these stood a good chance at being enjoyed. I had read a lot of reviews, which were mixed, so after I had cooked them, I added a little onion salt, just a sprinkle, to add some flavour, as some reviews mentioned they were flavourless, bland. They looked so cute, and there were three different types of dinosaurs, which was a nice touch. I even tried a bit of one myself and thought they were quite nice.

I thought it would be amusing to "rawr" whilst I was giving her a dinosaur nugget to eat, so, ninja like, I slid a dinosaur nugget towards her, whilst she was watching television and "rawred." I thought she would find it funny, as she finds it funny to "roar" at us, however, I almost ended up giving her a heart attack as she jumped ten feet into the air, and was initially, a little scared...Apparently, I had missed another memo, the one that says my daughter can "rawr," but I can't. It wasn't my finest moment! I felt like the worst mum in the world, especially as I did find it a little amusing...Luckily, the shock did not last long and she devoured the nuggets.

So, note to self, don't "rawr" at my daughter, under any circumstances.

Now when she eats them, I don't move like a ninja, I am noisy and then "rawr" and she doesn't bat an eyelid...

Second note to self: After seeing how others have presented "Roarsomes," I must improve the artistic presentation of these," they need to be in a lush jungle or some other exciting environment. I do not want a "7!" I want a "10!" Even though my daughter will most likely, sadly, ignore the greenery...another vegan mum failure...

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