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Had I lost My Mind?

Last night as I entered my kitchen and saw my daughter's pale pink tracksuit hanging there, I had a epiphany! I must have been temporarily insane when I ordered it! Although my other half and friends would tell you it's not a temporary insanity...

What an earth possessed me to get my toddler a pale pink tracksuit? On what universe would this ever be a good idea? Toddlers are dirt magnets! I couldn't think of a single place she could wear this where it wouldn't look like she had been in a paint explosion. The tracksuit has been hanging in the kitchen for a few weeks while I have been waiting for the right occasion to materialise, one where my sanity would not be tested. Being a tad OCD, makes it even crazier that I bought a pale pink tracksuit.

My other epiphany of the night was, I was going to have to bite the bullet, she was going to have to wear it and ruin it, and soon, before it no longer fitted. Better dirty and ruined, than never having worn it at all, as that would be a complete waste. Then it can stop mocking me every time I enter the kitchen.

In my defence I also bought a khaki colour tracksuit and a dark pink colour tracksuit at the same time, but even these didn't stand a chance, although, the darker colours would mean the marks would be slightly less noticeable. They are pretty cute tracksuits, and they are really cheap too, £10 for both a jacket and joggers, from George. Although the sewing isn't the best, which set my OCD radar off, but for that price, that can be overlooked as it means they are great for the garden or nursery. A bargain! Do however order up a size as they come up small.

So, this is what I propose, a worldwide ban on ridiculous coloured clothes for babies and toddlers, for example nothing pale blue, white, yellow, pale pink or peach. It needs to be a law! Nothing good can come from these colours! This ban will save the billions of sleep deprived, shattered parents who may be experiencing temporary insanity, from themselves. It will also be more environmentally friendly as gallons of water and stain remover products will not be used millions of times, to try to eradicate these monstrous stains on these obscene colours, unsuccessfully. Less washing means happier parents, saner parents! It's a win, win!

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