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Confessions of an Online Shopping Addict! Part 2: Shoegate!

The last thing my other half said when she had finished reading the first "Shoegate" post was, "no." "No, she doesn't need shoes in the next size up for when her feet grow, she doesn't need any more shoes." But you can't stand in the way of the destiny of pretty shoes, can you?

Once again, I was like a kid in a sweet shop, there were still so many pretty shoes to choose from and all the shoes that were out of stock last time, were now in stock, it was fate! It was a sign! I only ordered four pairs this time, so technically I was more reserved, and technically, two of the four replaced the two pairs I sent back from the last order, so really, I had only ordered two more pairs of shoes. So it wasn't that bad?

Just before this treasure arrived, when we were in our front garden, I casually mentioned, that I had ordered some more shoes...This way there were witnesses if I were to suddenly go "missing." "I thought I said not to get them," and "I'm surprised you didn't order some in every size," she said... I must confess that this did cross my mind, and it was oh so tempting, however the remains of my willpower over ruled the shoe devil, along with my disappearing bank balance, besides, who knows what the future holds, maybe they will be in stock forever...I said a silent prayer to the shoe gods, just in case...

These beautiful Rainbow Denim High-Tops magically found their way into my "basket" in a size 13, my daughter is currently a 7, this was their smallest size, they will keep for when my she is older. Oh, how I wish they did these in an adult size, they are gorgeous and feel so comfortable inside. I may have measured them against my own shoes and technically they aren't much smaller than mine, maybe I could do a "Cinderella?" Hopefully in a few years' time she won't be going through a Barbie or Punk phase, otherwise they will be going on ebay and I will have vegan egg on my face.

The next size up of the first pair of Rainbow Denim High-Tops that I previously purchased also fell into my basket, however, unfortunately they arrived damaged so they will be returned, which was disappointing. Maybe this was a sign, this was fate intervening, maybe I had gone too far? Even I knew that if I re-ordered these and bought more shoes to qualify for free postage, I would be sleeping on the sofa. This was a chance to redeem myself, slightly...

I also purchased these beautiful rainbow sandals; they were the same rainbow style as the Mary-Janes that were too narrow. They are so cute! Today my daughter made a beeline for these and asked to wear these to go puddle jumping. Arrgghhh! I could feel the sweat forming on my forehead, my heart was in my mouth, mud on these? Was she crazy? Sacrilege! Over my dead body! Luckily, without a full-blown meltdown, she was persuaded to put them down, her Peppa Pig Wellies saved the day. However, they did not save her when she sat in her favourite muddy puddle! Now all I need is the sun and some summer clothes to go with these and the gold unicorn sandals I purchased last time and for the sandals to still fit my daughter in the summer, as they seem a little smaller than the trainers, hmmm.

It suddenly occurred to me that there is a theme which seems to be rainbows. The last pair that jumped into my basket were the pretty pink rainbow trainers that were out of stock last time. Oh, so pretty! Why rainbows I wondered, perhaps it is because they are magical, they represent, light, hope and beauty. Children need this innocence...So you see, these aren't just shoes, they are magic, what a bargain! Dorothy had the right idea!

This should be the last "Shoegate" post for a while I re-focus my online shopping addiction elsewhere, on clothes for example, as she has grown so much during the last few weeks, that the last lot of clothes we recently purchased will not fit for much longer! Also, I need to find some summer clothes to match her sandals... Hopefully Primani will soon come to rescue! Although, having to tumble dry all their clothes is off-putting!

However, I do have an almost overwhelming desire to buy the sandals in the next size up just in case her feet outgrow them...Shoe Devil I banish thee!

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