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Confessions of an Online Shopping Addict! Part 1: Shoe Gate!

I felt like a kid in a sweet shop, only I wasn't surrounded by sugar, I was surrounded by a rainbow of beautiful, colourful and diverse vegan toddler shoes! I had discovered the Holy Grail of Vegan Toddler Shoes! Marks and Spencer were my saviour!

It's impossible to find nice, comfortable, toddler shoes, particularly in the middle of a pandemic when you are shielding and for a toddler who has wide feet. It is also just as hard to find a pair of shoes that can go on my daughter's feet without WW3 erupting! So, I had to turn to Omniscient Uncle Google for some guidance on where I could buy some vegan toddler shoes.

Now, whilst most of these suggestions were ugly, limited in range or inappropriate, I stumbled across a heavenly array of vegan toddler shoes from mainstream Marks and Spencer. All my dreams had come true: sandals, crocs, trainers, Mary-Janes; shoe Heaven! Dear God! I needed saving, alas it was too late for that. Six pairs of gorgeous shoes were ordered in the hope that at least one pair would be a winner.

Imagine my giddy glee when they arrived! My other half did not share my intoxication...I had to pick her up off the floor, scrape her off the ceiling. The words "You bought six pairs!" "Does she really need 6 pairs?" "You aren't keeping them all are you?" and "That's more pairs than I have," greeted my ears...Maybe I had gone OTT? Me go OTT, it's unheard of...

On the other hand, my daughter's eyes lit up when she saw her shoes, a "Wow!" escaped her smiling lips, along with ecstatic cries of "new shoes," she was thrilled with them! She loved trying them on. Each pair she tried on she didn't want to take off, until she saw the next. Her giggles were a sonata to my ears.

Her favourite shoes were these magical, silvery, glittery, rainbow trainers at first.

Then when she tried these cute, denim, rainbow high-tops on, they became the favourite, she wanted to wear them all day. They were my second favourite pair.

A pink rainbow Mary Jane pair of shoes were my favourite as they were unique and stunning but they were too narrow, I was heartbroken. My daughter loved them too but didn't keep them on for long so I knew they must have been too uncomfortable.

Then there were these golden unicorn sandals. I hadn't quite thought the colour scheme through with these ones as my daughter so far has nothing to go with these. She quite liked these, but her heart was already taken.

These sturdy, stretchy, pearlescent jelly shoes were not so popular, but they will be great for the beach and summer weather, hopefully by then they will be more appealing...

Despite the beauty of this collection, Marks and Spencer's poor handling of the shoes prior to shipping was a disappointment, two pairs came marked and stained and another pair, some Peppa Pig crocs, had been poorly made, the holes were not cut out properly. Fortunately, one of the damaged pairs of shoes were going to be too narrow to fit my daughter's feet anyway, which made sending them back easier. This however was such a disappointment as they were the most stunning shoes I had ever seen, and they looked so cute on her. They do however offer these in a sandal style, which I fear I may succumb too along with a few others that have caught my eye. I wonder if I should buy her favourite high-tops in a bigger size too...I best pack my bags now...

If you are after some boy's shoes you won't be disappointed either as there are some super cute dinosaur crocs and trainers, some colourful trainers and some smart black and white high-tops.

So, whether you are vegan or not, if you are looking for some sensational toddler shoes (I am sure yours will be pristine!), these are the answer to your prayers. You can thank me later, or not. I only wish there were adult sizes!

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